St. Louis Homeowners Insurance

Protection backing your most precious investment.

Your home faces multiple risks every single day. While most of the time nothing bad happens, there is always the chance that one day, it will. From falling trees to theft, the right St. Louis homeowners insurance policy will protect you financially should disaster strike. McNeil Insurance Group, as your independent representative, connects you with policies that balance coverage with affordability.

Key Benefits of Homeowners Insurance

If you have a mortgage, homeowners insurance is a requirement. However, it is something you need even if you own your home outright. The reason why comes down to the many benefits a homeowners insurance policy offers.

Coverage Beyond the House

Depending on your policy, homeowners insurance covers more than the structure of your home. It can also cover critical components, outbuildings, and hardscaping structures, such as decks and fences. With the right add-ons, it might even cover your furniture, electronics, and appliances.


Depending on the event, you could find yourself essentially starting over, with no home or possessions. A homeowners insurance policy can offer financial support in starting over, from covering temporary housing to paying to rebuild your home.


Depending on the type of policy you take out, your homeowners insurance can cover you in the event of a property-related lawsuit, such as someone slipping on ice in your driveway. It also should cover the medical expenses related to the incident.

What Homeowners Insurance Includes

There is no one-size-fits-all homeowners insurance policy. What coverage you have is tailored to what you need. However, there are certain types of coverage typically found in homeowners insurance policies. 

Physical Structures Coverage

With this, your policy pays to repair or rebuild your home and other structures should they be damaged. Typically, detached structures require additional riders to insure. This also covers the cost of a temporary living situation while your home is rebuilt. It is important that your policy is worth enough to fully rebuild your home and outbuildings.

Personal Property Coverage

Policies that only cover physical structures will not help you replace the belongings inside your home. Personal property coverage will either reimburse you a percentage of the value of your possessions or replace them directly, depending on the terms of the policy.

Liability Protection

If people are hurt on your property or damage is caused to other’s property by your children or pets, you can be taken to court. Liability protection covers both your legal representation and payment related to any judgments stemming from the incident. This typically includes no-fault medical coverage, which could help you avoid going to court.

Additional Living Expenses

Should you need to live away from your home while it is repaired or rebuilt, you can expect additional expenses beyond just paying for a hotel room or furnished apartment. Additional living expenses coverage considers things like restaurant meals and other costs related to living away from home.

What McNeil Insurance Group Does for You

Homeowners insurance can be difficult to navigate. With us, you can stop studying the jargon and let us be your guide in the insurance world. We consider the various factors that determine your coverage needs, then source policies from over 20 providers. Our goal is to connect you with the policy that best protects you at a price you can afford.

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