Missouri Farm Insurance

Personal and commercial protection for your farm.

Anyone who has done even a day of farming knows that it is a risky business. While Missouri farm insurance coverage won’t eliminate the risks agricultural businesses take on, it can prevent incidents from causing financial devastation. McNeil Insurance Group serves as your independent representative, helping you access quality farm insurance policies tailored to your needs. 

What Is Included in a Farm Insurance Policy

St. Louis farm insurance policies are customized to your unique needs. A small hobby farm shouldn’t have the same policy as a large-scale dairy farm. We take into account everything from the size of your operation to the types of equipment you use as we tailor your farm insurance package. 

Some common types of coverage for Missouri farms include:

Home and Contents Coverage

This covers loss, damage, and theft relating to the farmhouse and the contents within.

Farm Vehicle Coverage

Think of this as auto insurance for work vehicles commonly found on farms, such as trucks and trailers.

Farm Machinery Coverage

This covers damage to or loss of farm machinery, such as tractors and plows.

Farm Liability Coverage

Similar to other types of liability, this coverage protects you should you be sued for an incident relating to your farm or products.

Livestock and Crop Coverage

If your livestock or crops are damaged or lost due to injury, theft, and other mishaps, this coverage offers reimbursement.

How Farm Insurance Cost Is Determined

Because there is no one-size-fits-all solution for farm insurance, the prices will vary significantly between policies. Our job is to find the best coverage at a price you can afford. Factors that impact how much your policy costs include:

The types of coverage you need

What you want your coverage limits to be

Which premium to deductible balance is best

How large your farm is

The materials, crops, and livestock you work with

What McNeil Insurance Group Does for You

Navigating the world of Missouri farm insurance coverage is difficult to do on your own. The McNeil Insurance Group serves as your guide, helping you pinpoint what types of coverage you need and sourcing policies you can afford. As an independent agency, we work with over 20 different insurance providers, ensuring you have access to a wide variety of options.